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Co-Host With Us

Rather Be Properties offers luxury serviced, fully-equipped vacation rentals. We’re ready to bring an incredible vacationing experience to you and your family. Additionally, we offer co-hosting/management services to our colleagues in the vacation-rental space. We have a unique approach to bringing 5-star resort service while giving families the empowered feeling of having a complete home to vacation in, and we want to bring that same experience to the guests enjoying your short-term rental.

We create curated boutique stays for the everyday traveler.

Each space is designed with safety and comfort in mind.

We anticipate guest needs and strive to ensure every guest has a 5- star experience.

Guaranteed Rent

We can guarantee market rental value for up to 5 years meaning no void months of rent during this time.


We rent or buy your property!

We look to serve landlords and clients by giving them a better return on your investment while managing, renting or buying your property.

Your Property Is Safe With Us

We ensure the property is kept in hotel standard condition during our agreement – no more worrying about your property being maintained!

What We Do

If you’re like us, expanding our real estate portfolio short-term rentals was a
family decision. One born from a desire to create financial wealth for our family and to showcase our gifts & talents to others.

Hospitality drives our decisions. The guest may not always be right, but while they’re in our space, it’s our responsibility to make sure they are safe and treated like the 5-star guests they are. Our business is guided by our overarching family values:

How Can We Help?

We deeply understand as a vacation rental owner the desire to want to jump into this industry with both feet, excited to create your own short-term rental business, and bring memorable experiences to your guests. We also see the tight barrier of entry for successful vacation-rental property owners due to the massive competition in many of the premier vacation rental destinations across the world.

How do you set yourself apart, deliver 5-star service to your guests, stay on top of the consistent changes in the industry by the OTAs – like AirBNB and VRBO – and STILL manage to turn a profit?

The industry is rapidly growing, and that’s why you want to stay focused on your money-maker, which is acquiring great vacation rentals and growing your portfolio, and allow us to professionally manage your vacation rental portfolio. Whether you’re acquiring your first property, or have a substantial portfolio, we have built a model that works!

Schedule a call with us today to discuss co-hosting and management opportunities with Rather Be Properties by clicking on the “schedule a call” button below.

What Are The Options?

1. We become your tenant

Our company becomes your tenant under a company lease agreement and we provide the following benefits :
Your property is kept in hotel standard condition. We look after your assets. We take care of any maintenance up to $50 including VAT.

2. We manage the property as short term lease on your behalf

On this option we market your property in the same way as option 1, however the key differences are : The return varies from month to month and could be higher than the guaranteed rent amount.

3. We buy the property

This would be discussed based on your needs – contact us for more information. You may call us at 949-407-7448 or email us at

Co-Hosting Plans

Property Management and Co-hosting; Basic Plan; Rather Be Desert Oasis; Rather Be Mountain Getaway; Rather Be Desert Getaway; Rather Be Properties, LLC; Palm Springs; Bermuda Dunes; Palm Springs; Big Bear; California

Starting at 15% of Nightly Rate.
Co-hosting fee is only charged when we secure a reservation on your behalf.

Add or remove items listed below to customize your price package:

After the initial set-up, we maintain & regularly update the listing to maintain optimization and achieve maximum reach on the OTAs.

We handle all guest communication and respond quickly. After each stay, we'll leave a fair & accurate review of the guest.

We partner with experienced turnover professionals to provide exceptional cleaning after each guest check-out.

Hosting is a journey best taken with friends. We are here to support, learn and grow with you!

Have your space listed our direct booking site. Reach more guests and take advantage from our SEO optimization.

We use Stripe to process all direct booking reservations and additional guest upgrades.

Property Management and Co-hosting; Unlimited Plan; Rather Be Desert Oasis; Rather Be Mountain Getaway; Rather Be Desert Getaway; Rather Be Properties, LLC; Palm Springs; Bermuda Dunes; Palm Springs; Big Bear; California

Starting at 20% of Nightly Rate.
Co-hosting fee is only charged when we secure a reservation on your behalf.

Add or remove items listed below to customize your price package:

We set up the house manual to help answer guest questions. The Guidebook will feature your favorite local recommendations.

Take the guess work out of nightly rates and let our Dynamic Pricing software work to get you the maximum revenue for each night!

We will walk the property inside & out to identify any maintenance issues and/or area for improvement.

Add our check-list to regular maintenance and be sure commonly overlooked spots are cleaned and maintained.

Take advantage of our trade partnerships to receive the lowest pricing on goods and services. We will maintain par levels and utilize our restocking system.

Increase your revenue and enhance the guest experience by partnering with our vendors. We'll be the concierge during their entire stay!

*** Includes inclusions in the Basic Co-Hosting Plan


Initial Consultation- Free
Marketing Fee: $500-1,000/year
• Listing set-up
• Photo captions
• Assistance with city licenses and applications
• Noise/motion detection systems
• Smart door lock & security camera systems
Trip Fee: $50/hr
Professional Photos - up to $500
Design Plans/Consults: $1,000-$2,000 depending listing needs*
*Furnishings sold separately

Why Should You Consider Us?

Frequently Asked Questions

We work with nationwide businesses, airports and hospitals to help house their professional employees, cabin crews and doctors, who need accommodation in the area.

They cannot commit to long ASTs as they may be in the area for only a short period of time (a few days up to 6 months). That’s where we come in and provide accommodation on a short term basis to them while ensuring we meet our obligations to you as our landlord or client.

We fill gaps by letting the property to well vetted guests who need accommodation while visiting the area for leisure and to families who need accommodation due to work being carried out on their main residence (often insurance companies are funding the stays).

Like any tenant things can get damaged, however unlike a regular tenant, we repair and maintain the property whenever an issue occurs. Our guests have to provide ID, sign terms and conditions and we take a security deposit every stay.

If something gets damaged we charge it directly to the guest out of the security deposit and inform their employer (our guests do not want to upset their employer). We are fully insured with legal indemnity, contents and public liability insurance if the worst should happen.

A key difference with us, is that we have guests, not tenants so they have no right to occupy. If there is a problem – we can remove them. Overall, the property has to stay in hotel standard condition or we could not operate as a business so you can rest assured the property will be looked after – that’s what makes us the perfect tenants as your needs and ours are aligned!

Contact us now – we get back to everyone and there are no silly questions – we are happy to answer anything and show you our systems. An analysis of your property takes only a few days.