Terms & Conditions

Rather Be Properties, LLC Rental Agreement


This Short-Term Rental Agreement is entered into and made effective as of the signing date by and between the Property Owner/Operator (_____________________________) and the Tenant (_________________________), on the date of (_____________). Terms not specified in this Agreement shall be in accordance with the House rules or the Reservation policies which are provided separately by the Owner to the Tenant at the time of initial bookkeeping, and prior to check-in date. 

The parties agree to the following terms:

Accommodation Terms:

  1. The Property located at:   
  2. Tenant agrees to pay the total cost of the stay up front in the amount of:           . In addition, Tenant agrees to pay upfront a cleaning fee in the amount of:       _.
  3. The rental period will be valid from (____________ ) to (_____________ ). Any extension to the agreed dates of stay will have an associated payment for the said extension. The said extension can only be granted once terms have been agreed to by both parties, via an execution of a lease-extension contract.
  4. Tenant agrees to the following check-in/check-out times: Check-in time will be at 3:00pm on the day your lease begins, and check-out time will be no later than 10:00am on the morning of the last day of your lease, as listed above. 
  5. Tenant agrees to the following cancellation policy; if Tenant cancels the lease prior to 30 days of the scheduled check-in day, Tenant will receive a full refund of their total cost. If Tenant cancels the lease within 30 days of the scheduled check-in, but prior to 7-days of the scheduled check-in, tenant will forfeit 50% of the total cost of the lease and will be reimbursed the remaining 50%. If Tenant cancels the lease within 7 days of the scheduled check-in, Tenant forfeits 100% of the total cost of their stay. If Owner cancels lease for any reason PRIOR to Tenant checking-in to property, Tenant will receive a 100% refund of the total cost they paid, UNLESS they are in violation of any of the lease terms listed in this contract. 
  6. The accommodation and the cleaning fees must be paid in full before Tenant receives the door access code and is able to check-in to the property. 
  7. Tenant agrees to abide by all rules and regulations set forth by local municipal code relating to Short-Term Rentals, including, but not limited to; maximum number of vehicles allotted per house (1 vehicle per bedroom), maximum number of overnight guests based off bedroom count (2 guests per bedroom) in addition to 2 children per house in excess of the 2 guests per bedroom, total number of daytime guests based off bedroom count (2 guests per bedroom) PLUS 4 additional guests in addition to 2 children per house in excess of the 2 guests per bedroom and 4 additional daytime guests, any machine or device designed to play or amplify loud noise or music must be played inside the home, and may not be heard past the property line of the property, and provide Owner with the names of any guests that will be residing at the Property at any point during the period of the lease. 
  8. Tenant agrees to night time quiet hours of 10:00 PM-7:00 AM.
  9. Tenant agrees to keep all dogs on a leash whenever they are outside (not including enclosed backyard) except in the City’s Dog Park. Tenant also agrees to pick up any waste after their dogs. Tenant agrees to NEVER leave their pet unattended in a vehicle. 
  10. Tenant shall behave in a respectful manner and shall be good neighbors respecting the rights of the surrounding property owners. Creating a disturbance of the above nature shall be grounds for immediate termination of this agreement and Tenant shall then immediately vacate the premises.
  11. The Tenant commits not to use the property for any illegal or commercial purpose, including but not limited to sub-lease the property or otherwise allowing anyone or more people to stay above the maximum permitted or if not previously agreed with the Owner.
  12. Firearms shall not be allowed on the premises, regardless of whether or not a guest holds an active CCW Permit by any state. Tenant agrees that Fireworks and other hazardous materials shall not be used in or around the property.
  13. Tenant shall maintain the premises in a good, clean, and ready to rent condition, and use the premises only in a careful and lawful manner. Tenant(s) shall pay for maintenance and repairs should the premises be left in a lesser condition. Tenant is responsible for any breakage or damage costs (or related costs) in or to the property – along with any extra costs that may result – which are caused by the Tenant or any members of the Tenant’s party. Any maintenance or repairs due to Tenant’s negligence will be billed directly to the tenant with evidence of the damage, and Tenant agrees to satisfy any balance of debt owed to the Owner within 3-business days of the initial request by Owner to Tenant. Owner agrees to provide Tenant with evidence of damages via picture or video, and Owner also agrees to provide tenant with invoice or receipt documenting the actual cost of repair/replacement of damaged item. 
  14. Owner can refuse to allow the Tenant into the property or ask the Tenant to leave if they reasonably believe the Tenant or any member of the Tenant’s party (or any other person invited by the Tenant to the property) are behaving illegally or that any damage is likely to be caused, has been caused, or is being caused as a result of the Tenant’s behavior or any members the Tenant has invited to the property without providing a refund of any payment the Tenant has paid for the booking and the Owner will not be legally responsible to find any alternative accommodation.
  15. Parking is limited to designated parking areas only; in the garage, on the driveway, or directly in front of the property. 
  16. Tenant must not hold events (such as parties, celebrations or meetings) at the property without the advance written consent of Owner. Any of these cases will allow Owner to terminate the Agreement without providing a refund of any payment Tenant has paid for the booking and Owner will not be legally responsible to find any alternative accommodation.
  17. Tenant must allow Owner or their representative (including workmen), with reasonable notice, access to the property at any reasonable time during your stay (except in an emergency or if a problem needs sorting out quickly and you cannot be contacted in time. In these situations, Owner, or workmen, can enter the property at any time without giving you prior notice).
  18. Tenant agrees that the outdoor firepit, BBQ and indoor fireplace must be used and operated by a responsible adult only. 
  19. Tenant agrees that the pool/spa may ONLY be used by children under the age of 18 with adult supervision.
  20. Tenant agrees to a zero-tolerance smoking policy inside the property AT ALL TIMES and agrees to pay in full for any expenses incurred by Owner to remediate the smoking smell. 
  21. By agreeing to these Terms & Conditions, as acknowledged by signature below, Tenant shall indemnify, defend, and hold harmless Owner, Owner’s Mortgagee, the manager of the property, and their respective officers, directors, beneficiaries, shareholders, members, partners, agents and employees from all fines, suits, procedures, claims, and actions of every kind, and all costs associated therewith (including attorneys’ and consultants’ fees) arising out of or in any way connected with any exercise equipment use, use of the pool/spa or pool/spa equipment, outdoor firepit, outdoor BBQ, and outdoor hammocks that occurs during the term of this Lease, at or from the Demised Premises, or which arises at any time including without limitation, any accidents or injury to the Guest, Guest’s visitors and associates, and loss of money, jewelry or valuables of any kind. The Guest is responsible for keeping their valuables safe at all times. 

Additional Policies such as Rates and Fees, Check-In/Out Time, Cancellations, Minimum Stay, Smoking, Pets, Maximum Guests allowed, Children and age, Security Deposit etc. will be according to the House rules which will be communicated by the owner.